BOSS (Business of Success beyond Sports)

High school students are under-performing nationally, and more than 1/3 of them are dropping out of school for various reasons, including a lack of connection to the school, a lack of motivation and a perception that school is boring and classes are not interesting.  While student-athletes are matriculating to college, there continues to be a large disparity between the graduation and life success rates of White student-athletes and Black student-athletes.

We developed the Business of Success beyond Sports, or BOSS event to respond to the disparity.  We have staged 1-day BOSS events across the country and exposed thousands of high school student-athletes to the many different non-playing career opportunities in sports and opened their eyes to sports-related career opportunities that all require competence in science, technology, math and/ composition.  Our BOSS events have also helped student-athletes better appreciate the relationship between school and preparation for life and career/entrepreneurial opportunities.

Our 1-day BOSS events have included industry professionals who have engaged the students in a full day of conversation about career and entrepreneurial opportunities in the sports business industry as part of a program that also includes an inspirational keynote luncheon speaker and a tour of an operating sports facility.  We have continued our connection with interested students during a 9-month mentoring component that provides a variety of opportunities and experiences to help the student-athlete expand his/her knowledge of the requirements and resources available to pursue career and entrepreneurial opportunities in sport and otherwise. BOSS is staged in partnership with the local high schools, colleges and universities.

To date, we have staged 6 BOSS events, including a 1-day BOSS event at the past five (5) Super Bowls, the NBA All-Star game for student-athletes from Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, New Orleans, New York and Los Angeles.  The events have received an overwhelmingly positive response and we are offering our first extended (2-week) BOSS camp this summer in Los Angeles for freshman basketball and football student-athletes.

Pictured below are just a few BOSS mentors including (from left to right) LaFern Cusak, ESPN, Jim Hill, CBS Sports, Clark Kellogg, CBS Sports/Indiana Pacers, Antoinette Brown-Leon, Executive Director, Asomugha Foundation, Kevin McDowell, AEG Worldwide


Here is what just a few participants had to say about their BOSS experience:


 ”Today was a beautiful thing.  You’ve created an amazing event.  Kids were great, and a wonderful collection of mentors.”

Sports Industry Professional, Mentor, Super Bowl XLVIII BOSS


“It was truly a wonderful event.  The young men inspired me with their positive energy and their goals for the future.  You are truly doing God’s work.”

Professional Development Professional, Mentor, Super Bowl XLVIII BOSS


“Thanks for believing in my son.”

Parent of participant, NBA (60th) NBA All-Star BOSS


“This  has been an extraordinary past two days and a very rewarding experience for which I am glad I missed class.”

Temple University student volunteer, Super Bowl XLVIII BOSS


“My son was so highly impressed with you and what you spoke of he almost could not get all the words out.  So that said, it is hard to impress him but you have.  I send blessings and angels to guide you and yours in the future.”

Parent of Super Bowl XLVII BOSS


“Congratulations on a fantastic effort to show students the options associated with a career in sports.  I am happy to report that every student that I had the pleasure of engaging was interested, engaged, and excited to have the opportunity to take part in the event.”

Former professional athlete and real estate professional, Mentor, NBA All-Star BOSS

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